The flexible way to enjoy tea with a Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Ideal for on the go: Travel Mug keeps your drink nice and hot

A Travel Mug is a great companion for your car, office or travel

Whether tea or coffee: With a Travel Mug in a cool look, your hot drink stays perfectly tempered at home or at work for hours. Other drinks the Travel Mug keeps wonderfully cool for a while. The stylish cups vary in colour, material and edition. Not only does a Travel Mug look great, it also ensures that you are always and everywhere supplied with enough liquid. With this top product you are also always mobile: the Mug fits perfectly in a bag or backpack with its handy size. A Travel Mug ensures perfect drinking pleasure when travelling, doing sports or at home and keeps the contents warm or cold for a long time. Conclusion: This thing is just fun!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly: Travel Mug is available in glass or bamboo

Sustainability and quality are top priorities in modern travel mugs: Borosilicate glass, bamboo and stainless steel are high-quality materials and keep the temperature of your tea constantly warm for several hours. As often as possible, the Travel Mug does without plastic. To prevent your fingers from burning, the glass of the thermos container is double-walled and robust. The lid of the Travel Mug can easily be opened and closed, the closure is leak-proof. The wide opening of the Travel Mug allows a pleasant drink, similar to a cup.

For perfect tea enjoyment, the Travel Mug is equipped with a tea strainer. Fill in your favourite loose tea and fill the container with hot water. So you can enjoy coffee or other drinks in a Travel Mug anytime, anywhere. A cotton protective cover for the Travel Mug is available as an accessory from some manufacturers. It protects your Travel Mug and looks nice too. Cleaning the insulating cups is child’s play: depending on the model, the thermo cups are cleaned either conveniently in the dishwasher or by hand.

Great gift idea: Travel Mug in modern design

A sustainable travel mug made of natural materials is a great gift for friends and family. Some manufacturers offer special sets in a nice gift box containing a bottle and different types of tea. But also otherwise a Travel Mug is a great buy recommendation for all people who want to quench their thirst well and stylishly on the way.

Travel Mug instruction 1

Travel Mug Instructions: Step 1
Pour the tea directly into the bottle or tea strainer. The amount depends on the type of tea and the desired strength of the tea. We recommend 2 to 8 grams.

Travel Mug instruction 2

Travel Mug Instructions: Step 2
Fill the hot water directly into the bottle and close the lid. Let the tea brew for 1 to 3 minutes. Depending on the tea, you can infuse your tea up to four times.

Travel Mug Instructions: Step 3
The tea is drunk directly from the bottle. The bottle is designed for drinking directly from the bottle. A transfer into a cup is not necessary.

Travel Mug advantages, 600ml double-walled, dense, bpa-free, tea strainer, tea filter, lid
  • double-walled insulated bottle
  • Hot up to 8h hot
  • Cold up to 12h cold
  • 100% tight / BPA free
  • easy cleaning
  • Tea filter and tea strainer
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Travel Mug
Travel Mug